Quantative Research & Liquidity Provision

Quantative Research

System 9’s quantitative research team utilizes advanced statistical techniques to inform our trading strategies. Backed by our expert data analysis, we have developed a deep understanding of markets and liquidity enabling us to capture inefficiencies in markets effectively. We take the time to understand our client’s markets to discover the best strategies to employ.

Our Services

Liquidity Provision

System 9 maintains healthy market spreads for a variety of major foundations and currencies in the crypto environment. Through a proprietary trading platform designed by our team of academics and trading professionals, we offer liquidity provision services unlike any other.

Quantitative Trading

Utilizing a diverse collection of high-frequency trading algorithms, we increase market efficiency across a wide range of markets. With CME veterans and established institutional traders from the banking sector, we are continually innovating our strategies.

Strategic Consulting

We combine our decades of experience in the market with rigorous analysis of our clients’ needs to develop a custom solution to help them achieve their goals. Our software development specialists have been building better solutions in the financial technologies and cryptocurrency space for decades.

Our Company is Built on Thinking Ahead

We take pride in being the next step forward in liquidity provision, quantitative finance, and financial software consulting. We are always looking for new projects to tackle and new partners to grow the fintech ecosystem.

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