Who We Are

System9 is focused on bridging the liquidity gap between exchanges/cryptocurrency service providers and their customers. Cryptocurrency exchanges are an essential part of adoption and making use of crypto by the everyday user.  Currently the landscape of these exchanges is siloed by geography and regulation. Our flagship product serves as a liquidity bridge between exchanges to improve their marketplace and act as a revenue driver for the services that connect to them.

The landscape for cryptocurrency startups is filled with ambitious plans and untested theories for how to adapt blockchain technology to existing problems. We’ve decided to stand out by taking a different approach. We view the infrastructure underlying the cryptocurrency movement as the real untapped potential in this space.  Our focus is on reinventing how companies and customers interact within this infrastructure so they can put the billions of dollars currently sitting on the sidelines to work.

Our technology is born of a deep understanding of how markets and market makers work.  We are giving the tools of automation to the trader and allowing anyone to implement that into their workflow. Imagine a world where buying a candy bar using your crypto wallet triggers a series of trades while making it through the merchant processor to the retailer that creates profits for everyone along that path while contributing to the overall liquidity of the entire system.

A future based on System9 products will create a virtuous cycle of liquidity, trade, and profit that is automatically embedded in every transaction.  The middlemen that exist today will be able to incorporate our software into their underlying services in order to pass the savings and efficiencies along to their customers.

Everyone will benefit from transactions in ways that simply can’t happen in the traditional financial system.  This will create value for both the people using our products and enhance the overall appeal of cryptocurrency to users all over the world. It will transcend the normal order of business creating a new model for how transactional currencies work for the people using them and creating value for System9 investors in the process.